[Vm-dev] Windows VM Unicode support...

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Jun 3 03:53:01 UTC 2007

Thanks guys. I have integrated your changes (while tidying them up a 
little and fixing a few bugs) in the mainstream VM sources at 
SqueakVM.org. I've also done a quick pass over the file and directory 
primitives (which now also take UTF-8 input) so if you could give this a 
try to see if it works that would be great. The result is an 
experimental VM here:


Let me know if (with your image-side fixes on top) this VM behaves 

   - Andreas

Chris Petsos wrote:
>> I get a 404 when I try the url below.
> OK, my beautiful MS Outlook Express did something nasty with the URL 
> link...
> Please copy/paste this URL to your web browser...
> http://users.kef.sch.gr/chrispetsos/WindowsUnicodeVM.zip
> Sorry for the (Windows) inconvenience...
> Christos.

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