[Vm-dev] Back to WM_UNICHAR?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Mon Jun 4 17:51:03 UTC 2007

Interesting question. Yoshiki, how does the Nihongo image deal with 
shortcuts? It should have the same problems given that Squeak shortcuts 
are handled as (translated) keystrokes.

   - Andreas

Chris Petsos wrote:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Remember at start that you 've been telling me to acquire unicode chars 
> by handling the WM_UNICHAR message?
> Well...i didn't and now i am having the first problems...
> First...keyboard shortcuts do not work of course when i have the 
> keyboard turned to my locale.
> The charCode member of the event buffer takes values above 128...
> We can interpret it back to MacRoman values inside the image but then 
> the so called "unicode" environment will be polluted with locale 
> specific code. Also, each environment can provide interpreters for 
> itself without polluting the base UnicodeEnvironment class but still i 
> don't know. Another, smaller, problem is that the mouse wheel does not 
> work...and i don't know what else can come up in the future...
> Do you think it would be wise to try once again handling WM_UNICHAR and 
> leave everything else unchanged?
> Documentation and reports on this message are really vague and 
> controversial... some did it, some didn't ...i don't know! Any 
> suggestions???
> Christos.

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