[Vm-dev] Clipboard VM crash

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Mon Jun 4 21:04:44 UTC 2007

Hi Chris -

I just found and fixed this problem. Pure stupidity on my part. The fix 
is checked into squeakvm.org - I'll make an updated VM when I find the 
time (I also added UTF-8 support for drop and async file support).

   - Andreas

Chris Petsos wrote:
>> Chris Petsos wrote:
>>> To reproduce:
>>> 1) Open a Browser.
>>> 2) Select the code of any method.
>>> 3) Try to copy...boom.
>> Any method? Or a particular one? I have used copy quite a bit without
>> ill effects so if you point out:
>> a) Which image you use (so I can get a copy)
>> b) Which method explodes (so I can try for myself)
>> this would be great.
> I use the image here...
>     http://tinlizzie.org/olpc/etoys-2.0-latest.zip
> Silly me...i can't reproduce the problem! :-(
> Now...let me see if i get things right...
> When i download the *bin.zip file from squeakvm repository there are two
> files in there the .exe and the ffiprims .dll thingy.
> I execute the .exe file from the unzipped folder...do you think there can be
> problems because i am running other versions of the VM too?
> Do i have to copy the unzipped files inside the installed Squeak plugin
> directory...just in case it is searching for other things too?
> If all these are nonsense then i was mis-running the wrong version of the VM
> when i encountered the problem and i am sorry...
> Christos.

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