[Vm-dev] TT fonts over 100 MB!

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Jun 6 18:38:40 UTC 2007


> Now guys this is something that didn't come up till now...
> I installed a set of Unicode TT fonts (liberation-fonts-0.2) in the latest OLPC eToys image  which are about 1 MB and
> when i saved the image it grew more than 100 MB! How does Squeak load TT fonts? Does it convert them to bitmap fonts
> before using them? Such a huge amount of space only for fonts is unacceptable for OLPC which has only 1 GB of space...

  While it is running, it creates cached bitmaps but they don't get
saved in the image on the disk.  The geometry is saved as series of
short-int points.  Which can ben fairly big.  A .ttc font comes with
Windows for Japanese (which is a substantially big char set) adds only
20MB or such to my image, so liberation-fonts must have really big set
of chars.

  Look at an instance of TTFontDescription (or... if it is using
TTCFontDescription) for it, count the number of entries in glyphs and
glyphsTable, and tell us how many chars there.

-- Yoshiki

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