[Vm-dev] TT fonts over 100 MB!

Chris Petsos chrispetsos at sch.gr
Thu Jun 7 07:01:23 UTC 2007


>   Look at an instance of TTFontDescription (or... if it is using
> TTCFontDescription) for it, count the number of entries in glyphs and
> glyphsTable, and tell us how many chars there.

Right...liberation fonts consists of three styles (Sans, Mono, Serif) with
regular, bold, italics and bold\italics.
That's giving us 12 fonts...
Number of glyphs in each font is 668 and glyphsTable is a SparseLargeTable
with size 65536 and chunkSize 255.
Does this look like too much?
You are saying that we should use a unicode TT font with only the greek
plane inside right?
What about the Pango integration with Squeak that you said a few days ago to
the greek team Yoshiki?
Does it do better TT font handling? Maybe we can give you a hand on that...


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