[Vm-dev] Back to WM_UNICHAR?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu Jun 14 21:58:50 UTC 2007

> Interesting question. Yoshiki, how does the Nihongo image deal with 
> shortcuts? It should have the same problems given that Squeak shortcuts 
> are handled as (translated) keystrokes.

  Sorry, I missed that.

  When the Windows IME is enabled, it have the VM generate KeyDown and
KeyUp events when the user hit a key, but not KeyChar.  At the same
time, it modifies the candidate buffer in the IME.  When the user
confirm that the candidate buffer is correct, the IME sends these
bytes (on older VM) or the unicode code points (new VM) to the VM with
as KeyChar.

  For short cut like Alt-a, the IME also passes the events to the VM
and VM generates KeyDown, KeyChar and KeyUp.  In this case, the
KeyChar event has Alt-bit set, so the Squeak can act properly.

  I finally got around testing the Japanese input with 3.10.4 VM and
by providing a simple "UTF32JPInputInterpreter", it works ok.

  And, clipboard works with a simple clipboard interpreter. 

  I'll do a bit more test of corner cases, and makes up a change set.
Appearently, I have been holding back the world's progress, but we are
making good progress^^;

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