[Vm-dev] Unix UTF8 input

Martin Kuball martinkuball at web.de
Thu Jun 21 19:58:49 UTC 2007

Am Tuesday 19 June 2007 schrieb Chris Petsos:
> On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 19:28 +0200, Martin Kuball wrote:
> > If you tell me exactly what you did and what you want, I will look
> > into it and fix it.
> Oookaaayy...
> I applied the patch to Squeak-3.9-8.src.tar.gz .
> I compiled the modified VM.
> I run my image with this
> 	 /home/Bob/Desktop/Squeak-3.9-9/build/squeak -eventenc UTF-8
> ~/.npsqueak/SqueakPlugin.image
> And i could not get the VM run...it listed the VM options as if the
> eventenc parameter does not exist.

It should appear under the X11 options paragraph as the last option. What 
exactly failed? The VM just quit? Or you could not enter any characters? 
By the way there is no need to specify UTF-8 if you have UTF-8 as your 

> Ok, despite that i could set the SQUEAK_EVENTENC environment variable so
> that i can setUxXwinEncoding... but i did not get any keyboard events
> when my keyboard was turned to greek locale...
> Also, i saw somewhere
> 	charCode= out[0]; /* only single-byte chars for now*/

That's because (as I understand it - at least at the time I wrote that) the 
VM still uses macroman internally. But maybe this is not true any more (or 
even was not true a year ago). If so we can change this.


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