[Vm-dev] primitiveResponse questions

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Jun 22 21:41:54 UTC 2007

Hi There -

I'm looking at the Croquet branch of VMMaker here (which is derived from 
3.8b4 or so) and I have two questions about primitiveResponse:

1) The comment in primitiveResponse states that: "NB: tpr removed the 
timer checks here and moved them to the primitiveExternalCall method." I 
can't find the timer check, what am I missing?

2) The code in internalExecuteNewMethod says:

    "self primitiveResponse. <-replaced with  manually inlined code"

Why is this code manually inlined? I don't see anything particularly 
problematic in primitiveResponse.

   - Andreas

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