[Vm-dev] building intel mac VM: mactypes.h not found

Damien Pollet damien.pollet at gmail.com
Thu May 3 06:35:36 UTC 2007

On 03/05/07, John M McIntosh <johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com> wrote:
> Well first the issue with type sensitive file names can only be
> solved by doing what you did and attempting to compile on a case
> sensitive
> HFS+ system.
> The Squeak VM for powerpc is compiled using the 10.3.9 SDK with a
> target deployment of 10.2.8, in order for the VM to run on 10.2.x system
> Although no squeak developer might actually be using such a systme,
> many schools are saddled with such old software.
> In this case the VM is weak linked to the frameworks and at run time
> we determine what to do.
> Currently the only features used in 10.3 includes:
> a) A call to swap a background squeak VM to the foreground, however
> this is a specialized use of Squeak for which I don't know if anyone
> is using.
>     There is no alternate choice, but since it's a specialized use of
> squeak, no-one has complained.
> b) A set of calls to determine where the mouse is on a mouse down.
> 10.3 provides a nice feature where we can ask where the mouse, like
> in the content
> of the window, versus the title bar etc.   The fallback is to use
> histroical code that gets the window's content bounding region and
> check that for inclusion.
> c) A set of calls to do dynamic loading in the unix plugin/module
> loading. In this case we fall back to using the 10.2 code that was
> written for the unix VM.
> d) A set of calls to set the display mode, a specialized squeak
> prmitive that alters the resolution of the main display. For 10.2 we
> fall back to using the 10.2 code, where as for 10.3 there is  a nice
> clean api to use instead.

OK so I gather that there is no hard dependancy on one SDK or another,
the code is meant to adapt to both.

> Lastly the real test is of course to compare a current "offical" VM
> bytecodes (many iterations) to your numbers to see if they are similar.
> > This is on a 2GHz MacBook (1st generation, Core (not 2) duo, and I
> > get:
> >      0 tinyBenchmarks '356050069 bytecodes/sec; 7603848 sends/sec'

With Squeak 3.8.17beta4U: '352617079 bytecodes/sec; 7518637 sends/sec'
With Squeak-3.9-10 (unix): '205292702 bytecodes/sec; 6951829 sends/sec'

Damien Pollet
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