[Vm-dev] Regarding TestOSAPlugin & Applescript

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Sun May 6 23:54:58 UTC 2007

Ok, thought maybe that was the case.

On a slightly related topic, do you think it would be worthwhile going though the plugins and make the names more consistent with the convention? I'm not sure exactly all that is involved but perhaps some cleanup would improve things for the future?

I was rooting around everywhere learning where things happened and it being the first time through, I was initially confused by the following:

internal plugin B3DEnginePlugin generated as Squeak3D
internal plugin BalloonEnginePlugin generated as B2DPlugin
internal plugin BitBltSimulation generated as BitBltPlugin
internal plugin DSAPlugin generated as DSAPrims
internal plugin DeflatePlugin generated as ZipPlugin
internal plugin FFIPlugin generated as SqueakFFIPrims
internal plugin KlattSynthesizerPlugin generated as Klatt
internal plugin LargeIntegersPlugin generated as LargeIntegers

The rest seem to have matching names and folders everywhere.


>The TestOSAPlugin in the Mac OS tree has all the source code. The SLANG plugin code generated I believe is *all* the source code, there is no other C code.
>On May 6, 2007, at 1:48 PM, Ken G. Brown wrote:
>>I did some digging into TestOSAPlugin.
>>It looks to me that some late AppleScript support is available from SqueakMap as Applscript, and that the latest changeset is here:
>>Andrew Greenberg is the original author. Javier Díaz Reinoso is the name on the Squeaksource project. I have not yet located the TestOSAPlugin source code. Anyone have it?
>>See emails from archives far below.
>>And it might be a good idea to perhaps take TestOSAPlugin out of the picture in VMMaker since Applescript is a better name. This may have impact on 'AppleScript Media Player Interface' on SqueakMap which appears to require TestOSAPlugin, as does the Applescript changeset on SqueakMap.
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