[Vm-dev] VM patches for oop comparison and usqInt declarations

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Tue May 8 03:12:32 UTC 2007

On May 7, 2007, at 6:35 PM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:

> On May 7, 2007, at 17:25 , John M McIntosh wrote:
>> Ok, I was working with Craig a bit on this and I noticed for example.

Mmmm actually

	if (((longAt(foo->freeBlock)) & AllButTypeMask) > foo- 
 >shrinkThreshold) {
		/* begin shrinkObjectMemory: */

One has to be careful if somehow longAt(foo->freeBlock) could be >  
2GB, say running a 3GB image and messing with a 2GB chunk of memory.
Well not sure if you have a free block > 2GB mmm

Gee I wonder....  After a full GC, mmmmm

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