[Vm-dev] SegmentationFault in with OmniBrowser

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at gmail.com
Sat May 19 13:02:16 UTC 2007


you will find here http://damien.cassou.free.fr/crashing.zip an image
which makes the VM segfault. To reproduce:

- Open the image
- Open an 'image browser' from the world menu->open...
- Choose a class and click on one of the 3 filters 'instance' '?' or 'class'.

The VM say:

Segmentation fault

2032029316 [] in OBMetaNode>childrenForNode:
2032030488 [] in Collection>gather:
2032030004 OrderedCollection>do:
2032029408 [] in Collection>gather:
2032029500 >streamContents:
2032029224 Collection>gather:
2032028672 OBMetaNode>childrenForNode:
2032028580 OBNode>childNodes
2032028488 OBColumn>getChildren
2032027384 OBColumn>basicParent:
2032027108 OBColumn>parent:
2032027200 [] in OBColumnPanel>selected:
2032026924 Object>ifNotNilDo:
2032025812 OBColumnPanel>selected:
2032025720 OBColumnPanel>selectionChanged:

The problem is that I can easily reproduce the crash. Just take a
squeak-dev-beta-123 from
http://damien.cassou.free.fr/squeak-dev/beta/, and use the 'Package
Universe Browser' to upgrade to latest OB ('update list from network',
'select all upgrades' 'install selection').

Can somebody help me?

Damien Cassou

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