[Vm-dev] SqueakVM help for OLPC

Chris Petsos chrispetsos at sch.gr
Tue May 22 07:28:19 UTC 2007

> Have you tried handling WM_UNICHAR instead of tricking the VM into
> Unicode mode? If you do what you did above some other messages come in
> with Unicode args too and while this may be desirable at some point I'm
> not sure if we want this right away. For the time being I'd feel safer
> if we would handle WM_UNICHAR explicitly. Also, WM_UNICHAR uses
> (according to the docs) UTF-32 instead of UTF-16 as in your code. This
> might come in handy at some point.

I would wish you are not right but i can see the firsts ghosts coming....
We are having problems with the "BackSpace" keystroke...
    "Error: subscript is out of bounds: 1"
I'll see what i can do with WM_UNICHAR...

> > What do you say we start maintaining a Unicode version of the Squeak VM
> > Windows and Unix...
> I'm happy to fold the fixes into the mainstream version.

That would be nice...if we reach a stable working version...
OK...let's dig down a bit...


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