[Vm-dev] Re: SegmentationFault in with OmniBrowser

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Tue May 22 17:45:57 UTC 2007

Philippe Marschall wrote:
>> Lovely idea. But....
>> Building bytecodes is just like using assembler; you can corrupt
>> anything. Normally the compiler generates the correct, safe, code but
>> if you're using some other tool that can be persuaded to pop the
>> stack and save to x'th instance var ofan object that has only x-1,
>> then you're in trouble because you've almost certainly stomped on the
>> header of the next object in memory. Sure, we could make the basic
>> routines check the bounds every time. Care to imagine the performance
>> impact?
> Java doesn't run exactly slow.

Java isn't doing any runtime checks either. So what is your point?

   - Andreas

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