[Vm-dev] Re: SegmentationFault in with OmniBrowser

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Wed May 23 04:38:57 UTC 2007


On May 22, 2007, at 8:02 PM, subbukk wrote:

> On Tuesday 22 May 2007 11:42 pm, John M McIntosh wrote:
>> ....Also I recall in the days of VirtualPC that team
>> discovered certain
>> i386 machine sequences which would effectively crash the microcode,
>> anyone recall what that "bug" was.  Certainly I remember patchs being
>> loaded on
>> my linux box to prevent the problem from happening, once it had been
>> leaked to the internet.
> Would that be the F00F bug in Pentium where the sequence "f0 0f c7 c8"
> sequence would lockup the processor and require a reset?
> Real scary one,
> Subbu

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