[Vm-dev] SqueakVM help for OLPC

Chris Petsos chrispetsos at sch.gr
Thu May 24 12:55:08 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-05-21 at 23:32 -0700, Andreas Raab wrote:
> Have you tried handling WM_UNICHAR instead of tricking the VM into 
> Unicode mode? If you do what you did above some other messages come
> in 
> with Unicode args too and while this may be desirable at some point
> I'm 
> not sure if we want this right away. For the time being I'd feel
> safer 
> if we would handle WM_UNICHAR explicitly. Also, WM_UNICHAR uses 
> (according to the docs) UTF-32 instead of UTF-16 as in your code.
> This 
> might come in handy at some point.

OK...i've been trying to use the WM_UNICHAR solution but i haven't
managed to achieve it yet...
Does the window have to be registered to receive Unicode with


again in this case? ... i suppose not.
What i did is to add the following to the relevant switch statement

  switch(msg->message) {
    case WM_KEYDOWN:
      if(virtCode) keyCode = virtCode;
    case WM_UNICHAR:	// HERE
      printf("Oops! Unicode char!\n");
    case WM_CHAR:
    case WM_SYSCHAR:
      /* Note: VK_RETURN is recorded as virtual key ONLY */
      if(keyCode == 13) return 1;
      pressCode = EventKeyChar;

Also, i defined WM_UNICHAR with

#ifndef WM_UNICHAR
#define WM_UNICHAR 0x109

I also defined those as a workaround while googling

#define UNICODE
#define _UNICODE

	printf("Oops! Unicode char!\n");

is never invoked...

Has anyone implemented this solution??? Some guidelines would be most

Sorry if this is a simple C-related thing... i'm not a very good C
programmer...but i want to become one! :-)

Thanks in advance...


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