[Vm-dev] WM_UNICHAR for handling Unicode

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri May 25 20:01:25 UTC 2007

On May 25, 2007, at 21:46 , Chris Petsos wrote:

>> " The WM_UNICHAR message is first sent to a window, with   
>> UNICODE_NOCHAR (0xFFFF) in order to determine if the window  
>> supports  it. If not handled, DefWindowProc will return 0 (on all  
>> versions of  Windows), indicating that WM_UNICHAR is not  
>> supported. You must  return 1 from your window procedure in order  
>> to receive input via  WM_UNICHAR. "
>> (http://www.tavultesoft.com/keyman/documentation/unicodeinput.php)
>> Did you return 1?
> Sorry if i make silly questions Bert but... what does he mean by
>> You must  return 1 from your window procedure
> Which exactly is the window procedure (the DefWindowProc?) ?
> How can i handle it to return 1?
> Should i check the message wParam in recordKeyboardEvent(MSG *msg)  
> and if it is UNICODE_NOCHAR (0xFFFF) then i should make it  
> (recordKeyboardEvent) return 1 only for that time? And after that i  
> should get WM_UNICHAR messages?

I just find it hard to believe that WM_UNICHAR would not work when  
all over the place people recommend it as the way to input unicode  
characters in Windows. You should work with someone who knows his way  
around Windows programming (which is not me, I managed to avoid  
having to deal with MS software for years).

- Bert -

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