[Vm-dev] extending every header by a word

Rob Withers reefedjib at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 22:15:42 UTC 2007

Hi Michael,

I was reading your mind. :)  The very first thing I did was to subclass SystemTracer2 and pry it apart to see what I needed to do.  I will set the vatId to 1 and a few other flags in that new header.  I think I have my SystemTracer specified, but I have to wait until I get the vm together, before I can trace the image and test it.

I also think I have a grasp on what needed to change in the vm...not so bad, for now.  I just need to make all senders of the instantiation protocols use the new ones which specify a vat header.


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Hi Rob,

On 11/1/07, Rob Withers <reefedjib at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Is there anything in particular you can point me to consider or warn me of?

this is just one thing that immediately pops up in my mind... you will
have to convert *all* objects in the *entire* image before you will be
able to use them again.


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