[Vm-dev] oops to zero

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Fri Oct 5 02:20:43 UTC 2007

(a) The OLPC actually uses a compressed file system already, because  
of that Published Sophie Books for the OLPC use a zipped file with no  
compression. The zipped file will live in the journal at some point.

(b) Does setting oops values back to start of zero actually make it  
more compressable, versus say a start value of 0x00004000? Otherwise
the computational energy used to traverse the image is technically  

(c) ittle/big endian?  OLPC is based on the geod aka intel  
instruction set.


On Oct 4, 2007, at 6:53 PM, Keith Hodges wrote:

> Having just watched a video about OLPC and seen how little storage  
> they have. Have any OLPC folks done this normalizing the image  
> already?
> Is the OLPC big or little endian?
> I may be having a go at testing my latest this weekend, would  
> anoyne be willing to help out with the windows version since I lack  
> tools/machine etc?
> best regards
> Keith

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