[Vm-dev] Unix VM fail on make install

Martin Kuball martinkuball at web.de
Wed Oct 10 16:08:03 UTC 2007

Am Wednesday 10 October 2007 schrieb Damien Cassou:
> Hi,
> using the sources from svn, the 'make install' step fails:
> gcc -g -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -DLSB_FIRST=1 -g -O2
> -fomit-frame-pointer -DLSB_FIRST=1 -Wall -Werror -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
> -I/tmp/squeak-svn/bld -I/tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/unix/vm
> -I/tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/Cross/vm
> -I/tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/unix/src/vm -I/tmp/squeak-svn/bld
> -I/tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/unix/vm
> -I/tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/Cross/vm
> -I/tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/unix/src/vm
> -I/tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/Cross/plugins/FilePlugin
> -I/tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/Cross/plugins/B3DAcceleratorPlugin
> -I/tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/unix/plugins/B3DAcceleratorPlugin -c
> /tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/unix/vm-display-fbdev/sqUnixFBDev.c  -fPIC
> -DPIC -DPIC -o sqUnixFBDev.o
> cc1: warnings being treated as errors
> /tmp/squeak-svn/platforms/unix/vm/sqUnixEvent.c:219: warning:
> 'recordWindowEvent' defined but not used
> make[1]: *** [sqUnixFBDev.lo] Erreur 1
> make: *** [vm-display-fbdev.la] Erreur 2

I knew there was something I wanted to report here. I encountered the same 
problem some days ago. I solved this by removing the -Werror flag from the 
makefile.in in vm-display-fbdev. I guess it's really safe to do that. And 
the other device makefiles don't have that anyway.

I will make a proper mantis bug report for this.


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