[Vm-dev] 64bit: "This interpreter (vers. 68000) cannot read image file (vers. 274877913446)."

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Tue Oct 16 08:16:50 UTC 2007


> What would be neat would be a page, either at squeakvm.org or on
> the wiki, which would answer some of the common 64-bit questions
> that come up from time to time.  For instance, here are some of mine:
> - For which hardware/OS combinations is there a 64-bit VM?
> - Does this VM run both 32-bit and 64-bit images?
> - How do I convert a 32-bit image to a 64-bit one?
> - My OS allows a single process to grow to 3.75GB; if I need a lot of
>   objects can I use a 32-bit image / VM, or must I use a 64-bit one?
> - What are the advantages/disadvantages to using 64-bits?
> - Why isn't there an officially-released 64-bit image?

I will meet with Dan at OOPSLA next week and will check with him about
these questions - I suspect he can shed some light on a few of them.

regards, Göran

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