[Vm-dev] Pypy-Squeak VM generation news

Michael Haupt mhaupt at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 07:58:53 UTC 2007


On 10/25/07, Joerg Beekmann <Joerg at deepcovelabs.com> wrote:
> I am intruiged by what motivated this? Is it curiosity, will it create a
> VM that is better in some way, will it result in a better mechanism for
> creating VMs?

my hope is that it will lead to a different and more high-level
development approach for the Squeak VM. While Slang does a good job
for the VM as it is, it is certainly not using high-level abstractions
(and never had the intention to), which would be much more convenient.

Of course, high-level abstractions may prevent dealing with low-level
details, which are all over the place in VM implementations. This is
where the tool chain comes into play: the gory details are realised by
means of applying smart tools to the high-level source code.

I think the PyPy approach is extremely promising.



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