[Vm-dev] patch: fix build problems on Solaris

Andreas Wacknitz A.Wacknitz at gmx.de
Thu Sep 27 16:04:43 UTC 2007

Andrew Gaylard wrote:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi,
Hi Andrew,

> This patch fixes 4 problems which prevented the VM from building
> on Solaris/SPARC.  They shouldn't cause problems for other
Interesting that there is another guy running Squeak under Solaris.

> platforms (famous last words), so please would someone (Ian?)
> confirm this before checking in.
> The problems fixed by this patch are:
>    1. "sun" is already defined by some header or other in Solaris;
>       I've changed it to s_un.
>    2. AF_LOCAL isn't defined on Solaris.  W Richard Stevens'
>       "Advanced programming in the Unix environment" says that
>       AF_UNIX is more standard anyway.
>    3. Solaris' feof() call really wants a FILE*.
>    4. A missing prototype is added for sound_AvailableSpace(void)
Which version of the VM sources you are talking about?
I have 3.9-8 running for quite some time on my Blade 2000.
Although I haven't used sound yet.
I have good experiences with Sun's CoolTools gcc for SPARC systems.
This is a gcc-4.0.4 frontend with a SunStudio 12 code generator.
The code runs at least twice as fast as with a plain gcc-3.4.3.

>   1.
> With this patch, the VM builds and runs fine if built with gcc-3.4.3.
> I've checked both the stock 3.9a-7024 image as well as the
> etoys image. (My motivation for this whole exercise is to fix the
> problems with audio under Solaris for my young daughter to use
> etoys: the first sound plays, but after that, no sounds ever play.)
> With gcc-4.2.1 and -O2, the VM won't even start up (complains
> about a missing vm-display-X11, even though it's there).  With
> gcc-4.2.1 and no -O2, the VM starts, runs for a short while, and
> then cores with a bus error.  gdb shows a corrupt stack.  I'm
> about to build gcc-4.1.2 and give it a spin building the VM to
> try to track this down.  But I do suspect bad code generation
> with gcc-4.2.1.
Did you manage to build libffi-2.0? This library is part of gcc-4.2.1.
AFAIK it is necessary for Squeak's FFI. I have only an old libffi-1.2.0 that
has some Solaris bugs. So I don't have FFI which is needed for some 
packages (e.g. ODBC).


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