[Vm-dev] oops to zero (fix typo)

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 30 23:24:34 UTC 2007

Having touched upon the hallowed ground of VMMaking, I have started to 
desecrate the altar itself...

I have attempted to add limited but "useful-enough" inheritance to VMMaker.

Is there a repository to which I can upload any changes for 

With my tweaks if you implement a subclass of Interpreter, and the class 
method #inherits ^ true, then you can
implement an alternative interpreter by adding or overriding methods. 
The same should be true for plugin's

[BUG] I discover that the value of the field: "Interpreter class name" 
does not successfully save/load in the vmm.config files

I have attempted to test this but subclassing LargeIntegerPlugin twice 
and generating both, and it seemed to work, though I have not fully 
tested it.

As a trival example use case: The comment in 
LargeIntegersPlugin-buildCodeGeneratorUpTo: someClass indicates that 
there is no UI means to enable debugCode generation. Making 
LargeIntegersPluginDebug a subclass of LargeIntegersPlugin could add the 
single needed method. Both options would appear in the available plugins 
enabling the user to select the debug/nondebug versions.

now.. back to normalizing!


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