[Vm-dev] Re: Plugin category

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Apr 11 18:21:25 UTC 2008

On 11-Apr-08, at 10:55 AM, Ken G. Brown wrote:
> Ok, it appears what happened was that I must have had VMMakerTool  
> open before I loaded the plugin code and it did not update or find  
> the plugin by the time when I originally looked. I then saw the  
> other plugins in VMMaker-Plugins so changed category of the plugin I  
> loaded to the VMMaker-Plugins and then saw it show in the list. I  
> don't remember for sure what I did originally, but this time,  
> closing and opening VMMakerTool again shows the plugin properly even  
> tho it still lives in its own category now. Great!
> What are the conditions that cause VMMakerTool rebuild its lists?

Hmm, well one would have to exhaustivley trace all the possible ways  
of #availableModules getting sent, which after a couple of quick looks  
seems to be a large number. I reckon the easiest one to use in the  
short term is the menu option 'make all available' in the middlebutton  
menus for the Plugins not built/Internal Plugins/External Plugins lists.

I expect someone could make compiling any suitable class send  
#changed: #reinitialize to any and all open VMMaker instances if it  
seems important enough.

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