[Vm-dev] Version update to VMMaker on SqueakSource

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Sun Aug 17 19:30:39 UTC 2008


David T. Lewis wrote:
> I am reluctant to make changes to VMMaker without a review process, and
> I also have no personal experience with using Monticello in a shared
> repository. For both reasons, I wanted to ask on the list whether what
> I was doing is acceptable.

The nice thing with MC is "that every developer is on his/her own
branch" so to speak. This is a common trait of distributed SCMs typically.

In practice it means that there is no special TRUNK - instead projects
tend to appoint one or a few people the attribute of being TRUNKs :)

For example, in Gjallar I am TRUNK. Everyone else can make any snapshots
they like - either I integrate them or I reject them, simple as that.
The nice thing is that people don't need to worry so much of making
perfect snapshots. If someone wants the latest stable in Gjallar they
just pick the latest gk-snapshot.

regards, Göran

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