[Vm-dev] Re: Unix VM path encodings

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Tue Jan 1 07:01:30 UTC 2008


> Odd. Checking the latest OLPC image I have access to (etoys2.3-1867) 
> there is nothing I can see that would deal properly in the image with 
> non-ascii file names on Unix. LanguageEnvironment still returns "self 
> currentPlatform class fileNameConverterClass" which won't use an UTF-8 
> converter anywhere. So unless I'm missing something it probably 
> shouldn't work on OLPC. Maybe try it with some "real" UTF-32 names?

  Ah, you are right.  the code wasn't the way I remember it should be.
Latin1Environment (which should be called WesternEuropeanEnvironment)
flieNameConverterClass should be a bit more elaborated (or just
returning UTF8TextConverter).

-- Yoshiki

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