[Vm-dev] How to build VideoForLinuxPlugin on linux?

Nicolai Hess nicolaihess at web.de
Sun Jan 6 11:50:31 UTC 2008


I want use VideoForSqueak and for this I have to build the VideoForLinuxPlugin. So I checkout
squeak-vm from svn and tried to select the VideoForLinuxPlugin in VMMaker.
I can select most of the plugins, but not VideoForLinux. There is a message:
"No cross platform files found for VideoForLinuxPlugin". My plattform is Linux of course, and the selected platform
is unix.
So I looked in the source for VideoForLinuxPlugin and InterpreterPlugin.
There are selectors
^self hasHeaderFile

To solve this I added

Now I can select this plugin and generate the sources.

After configure, make stopps with an error like
"XXX already defined ... first defined here ...."

This is because makefile has now two entrys for "VideoForLinuxPlugin.lo"

It tries to build one in the directory where I told VMMAker to put my platform-code (which is beneath my svn/platform "svn/src"):

VideoForLinuxPlugin$o : <PATH_TO_SVN>/src/plugins/VideoForLinuxPlugin/VideoForLinuxPlugin.c
	$(COMPILE) VideoForLinuxPlugin$o <PATH_TO_SVN>/src/plugins/VideoForLinuxPlugin/VideoForLinuxPlugin.c

And one in my svn-version :

VideoForLinuxPlugin$o : <PATH_TO_SVN>/platforms/unix/plugins/VideoForLinuxPlugin/VideoForLinuxPlugin.c
	$(COMPILE) VideoForLinuxPlugin$o <PATH_TO_SVN>/platforms/unix/plugins/VideoForLinuxPlugin/VideoForLinuxPlugin.c

commenting out on the second entry worked.

FInally I get it to work, but I had to change VideoForLinuxPlugin source and the makefile.

This was my first squeak-vm build, so maybe I did something wrong or is there a newer way
to get input from a webcam in squeak?


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