[Vm-dev] Unix VM file locking?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Jan 25 18:38:06 UTC 2008

Hi -

Had a fun morning this morning with some customer trouble which was 
partly caused by the Unix VM not using write locks. E.g., the Unix VM 
will happily do things like:

f1 := FileStream newFileNamed: 'foo.bar'.
f1 nextPutAll: 'Hello World'.
f2 := FileStream oldFileNamed: 'foo.bar'.
f2 nextPutAll: 'Oh, noes'.

etc. Is there an easy way to patch the Unix file code to avoid this, 
e.g., behave like Windows in such that it would disallow opening the 
same file for multiple writes?

   - Andreas

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