[Vm-dev] VMMaker updating: Mantis 6828 and the future of copying files

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Tue May 27 22:09:26 UTC 2008

At 2:47 PM -0700 5/27/08, Andreas Raab apparently wrote:
>Ken G. Brown wrote:
>>I'm talking about moving forward with continuous incremental improvement when there is a chance to easily do so.
>The emphasis being on "easily". It's not. It requires all the images that want to use the VMs to update their code base to use the corresponding names.
>>Kinda like entering a race and intentionally trying for only second place.
>More like avoiding the race completely since there is absolutely nothing to be won in it.
>  - Andreas

Well, then say that the newly generated VM's from the new improved VMMaker work with new improved images. And if you want the older images to work, make a couple of minor changes. All in the name of incremental improvement thereby reducing confusion for the way forward.

Ken G. Brown

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