[Vm-dev] coordination between the olpc and official svn branches

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez jredrejo at edu.juntaextremadura.net
Mon Nov 10 17:34:31 UTC 2008

El lun, 10-11-2008 a las 18:08 +0100, Bert Freudenberg escribió:
> On 10.11.2008, at 10:14, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> > Hi, I'm trying to maintain the squeak-vm in Debian, but everyday is
> > being harder. I was using the trunk branch, but finally I have almost
> > decided to give it up and I'm going to use the olpc branch.
> > Changes from the olpc branch to trunk are being passed in a poor way:
> > some directories are forgotten (Gstreamer or Ogg don't compile as the
> > unix directories have been passed, but not the Cross ones),
> The very latest in svn should compile, it has the missing files  
> (although in unic/src not Cross). Make sure you reconfigure to pick up  
> the new files after updating.
> > fixes are not passed (pango support is broken in the trunk branch,  
> > etc)
> What exactly is broken with Pango? If so it's indeed my fault to not  
> having passed on the fixes (I sent patches to Ian last week but I may  
> have missed something).

I haven't checked the code yet, I just can say that reconfiguring and
compiling the vm from squeak-svn , the image from
http://tinlizzie.org/olpc/etoys-dev-4.0.zip segfaults. When
reconfiguring and compiling the vm from the olpc branch it starts and
pango improvements are perfectly seen. Anyway, in 64 bits  the olpc vm
also segfaults.

> > So, please, I'd like to know if this is going to change, or if I just
> > should give up, use the olpc branch and forgot about the "official"
> > squeak-vm branch.
> The olpc branch is about to be retired - it has served us as a faster- 
> paced development playground, but now that we  switch from invention  
> mode to maintenance mode, the trunk is the better place for things to  
> live on.

It's good to know it. I'm looking forward to see the mainteinance mode
working, specially for 64 bits support where there are a lot of open
bugs[1], and now we can add a new bug in pango. With the huge amounts of
memory in the newest pc, amd64 is becoming a very common architecture.
In my case I'm deploying 3200 ltsp servers with 8 gb of memory for the
Extremadura schools where 64 bits are a need, and I'm afraid I'll have
to spend a lot of time chrooting Squeak to see it working in a 32 bits

Best regards
José L.

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