[Vm-dev] Re: [squeak-dev] Building (Linux) VM - with segfaults. that point to audio

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Tue Nov 18 02:47:32 UTC 2008

which calls
framesPlayed = snd_PlaySamplesFromAtLength(frameCount, (int)buf,  
startIndex - 1);
which is the platform specific api for playing sound  (frameCount) at  
buf starting at (startIndex -1)
on unix it's really snd->snd_PlaySamplesFromAtLength
so it dispatchs to the sound plugin for the unix's VM choice.

On 17-Nov-08, at 4:12 PM, Brad Fuller wrote:

> Thanks for the reply, John.
> Yeah, I know what THAT code looks like.. it's only my speculation that
> the Squeak primitive is calling this function.  My first question was
> does "primSoundPlaySamples"  _directly_ call PlaySamplesFromLength in
> the ALSA c code? Or, put a better way, how do I tell which smalltalk
> method calls which c code function? Is there a table of pointers
> somewhere? (sorry, I might have known this before, but I can't
> remember and I don't know where this is on the wiki. But, after I send
> this msg I'm looking for it again.)
> Yeah, the args look correct in Squeak. This is an unmodified image, so
> I assume there shouldn't be any problem there. I guess I have to fire
> up gdb and see if the args are really correct at that stage. Just was
> hoping that someone would tell me that I didn't set up configure
> correctly for the make -- or that I missed something in the confugure
> to include ALSA in the build. ( I just have the feeling that the ALSA
> code is not being executed.,, i.e. it's not a bug in ALSA, but it's
> going into the weeds... well. obviously it's going into the weeds, but
> not because of ALSA code)

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