[Vm-dev] Differences between olpc and trunk branches

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Sep 12 07:57:00 UTC 2008

Am 12.09.2008 um 08:34 schrieb Damien Cassou:

> Hi,
> what are the differences between olpc and trunk branches?

See http://squeakvm.org/svn/squeak/branches/olpc/squeak-vm.spec

   - 3.10-olpc10; SVN r. 1914
   - make /dev/std(in|out|err) use stdin, stdout, stderr (bf)

   - 3.10-olpc9; SVN r. 1909
   - fix timezone offset in LocalePlugin to respect TZ variable (bf)

   - 3.10-olpc8; SVN r. 1907
   - fix sign of timezone offset in LocalePlugin (bf)
   - add SQUEAK_FAKEBIGCURSOR workaround for #8008 (bf)

   - 3.10-3olpc7; SVN r. 1904
   - Fix DBusPlugin openContainer (trac #7624)

   - 3.10-olpc6; SVN r. 1901
   - fix line ending when pasting (tak)

   - 3.10-3olpc5; SVN r. 1899
   - re-enable new (IPv6) socket primitives (bf)
   - RomePlugin pango fixes (yo)

   - 3.10-3olpc4; SVN r. 1895
   - RomePlugin pango fixes (yo)
   - X11 drag-and-drop fixes (tak)

   - 3.10-3olpc3; SVN r.1889
   - prefer 24 and 16 bpp over 32 to fix alpha issue in compositing  
desktops (bf)

   - 3.10-3olpc2; SVN r.1879
   - re-add big cursor support (bf)

> Is it possible/desired to run from olpc branch on a PC?

Sure that works. All but the very latest std streams fixes are non- 
controversial and will be folded back to the main VM asap.

- Bert -

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