[Vm-dev] VMMaker on SqueakSource - status update

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat Sep 27 16:28:23 UTC 2008

Tim asked me to take administrative responsibility for the VMMaker project
that he set up on SqueakSource, and also encouraged me to make contributions
to the repository. Here is a brief summary of current status of the project
on SqueakSource.

Tim uploaded a complete copy of the VMMaker mcz sources, with entries from
VMMaker-tpr.2.mcz (Feb 2004) through VMMaker-tpr.85.mcz (July 2008). Since
then, I have added entries VMMaker-dtl.86.mcz through VMMaker-dtl.104.mcz.

I have made four of the VMMaker versions into "releases" in the SqueakSource
project, as follows:

1) The VMMaker 3.8b6 on SqueakMap is equivalent to VMMaker-tpr.58.mcz on
SqueakSource. I made VMMaker-tpr.58.mcz a release on SqueakSource to make
it easier to find in the SqueakSource project. This is a solid release but
somewhat out of date by now.

2) Since VMMaker 3.8b6, Tim has put together a VMMaker version 3.9, but
had not yet published it as such. The most up to date version of this is
VMMaker-tpr.85.mcz. I added one additional update to Tim's work in order to
complete the "32/64 bit clean" series of patches, and made the resulting
VMMaker-dtl.102.mcz a release on SqueakSource. This has not been released
by Tim, and does not appear on SqueakMap (or Universes), but I am hereby
declaring VMMaker-dtl.102.mcz to be Tim's VMMaker 3.9 release. I am not aware
of any plans to update SqueakMap or Universes with this (this can be a topic
for another discussion).

3) Beyond Tim's 3.9 work, I have added a series of changes that address
various Slang code generation issues. Details are in the Montecello updates
and the issues are documented on Mantis. I am calling this VMMaker 3.9.1,
which is published as VMMaker-dtl.103.mcz on SqueakSource. These changes have
not been reviewed or approved, so use this at your own discretion. I think
the changes are all solid, so if you trust my word for it, go ahead and use
this version.

4) Finally, I made a branch update that adds SlangBrowser and MemoryAccess.
This is identified as "VMMaker 3.9.1-dtl", and is SqueakSource release
VMMaker-dtl.104.mcz. Again, use this at your own discretion.

- Dave

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