[Vm-dev] Can FFI be used with an Alien-aware VM?

Jay Hardesty jay.hardesty at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 01:45:48 UTC 2009

Hello - new question:

Can FFI be used in an Alien-aware VM?

Having built a new Mac VM I get "Callout mechanism not available",
though the FFI classes and plugin seem to be in place
(SqueakFFIPrims.bundle in 'Sqeak VM Opt.app/Contents/Resource').

Also, Applescript generates an error on startup at
ApplscriptInstance>>primOpenDefaultConfiguration: type subtype:
subtype  because the TestOSAPlugin is not defined (although this
plugin was not defined in my previous 3.8-biuilt VM).  Not sure if
this might be related to Alien/FFI somehow..

Thanks once again for all the help (hopefully getting closer).

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