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Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Apr 22 20:04:11 UTC 2009

On 22.04.2009, at 21:58, Eliot Miranda wrote:
> Actually, no. -fno-omit-frame-pointer seems to *force* a frame  
> pointer even on platforms that by default have none ... or is that  
> what you need?
> Right.  Somewhere (and I haven't found out where) the autoconf  
> configuration decides to apply -fomit-frame-pointer, which is fine  
> as it generates faster code, etc.


If you change any of the autoconf stuff remember to run autoconf to  
regenerate the configure script.

> But I need (actually, want; I could work around, but shouldn't have  
> to)  a frame pointer for one file, and a subsequent -fno-omit-frame- 
> pointer will override a preceeding -fomit-frame-pointer with the  
> compilers I'm aware of.


>>  My problem, however, is how to get autoconf to generate a specific  
>> compile rule for one file.  I can define the alternative COMPILEALT  
>> macro but I can't yet figure out how to spit out that rule for a  
>> specific source file withoput hacking it at the wrong place.  But  
>> I'm getting closer :/
> Assuming you put it in the vm directory, hacking platforms/unix/vm/ 
> Makefile.in should do it, no?
> Thanks for the suggestion!  tried it but no.  So I think I have to  
> duplicate the ${srcs} collection and processing in mkmf.

I meant to add a line for your file

myCogFile$o : myCogFile.c
	$(COMPILE)  -fomit-frame-pointer $@ myCogFile.c

- Bert -

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