[Vm-dev] Best and latest VMs for Open Cobalt release?

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Sat Feb 14 21:02:41 UTC 2009

On 14-Feb-09, at 12:53 PM, ed.boyce at duke.edu wrote:

> Quoting Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at gmx.de>:
>> The numbering scheme of VMs differs between the various platforms  
>> so the 3.10.4 nomenclature is really only applicable to Windows.
>  Thanks Andreas. So I gather from your response and John McIntosh's  
> that
> Windows 3.10-4 and Mac 3.8.21beta are approximately equivalent  
> versions?

  Mac 3.8.21beta1U is the most current macintosh one, it should behave  
like a current windows one, if not make a mantis report.

>  John McIntosh: Then what is the 3.10-2-7179mac offered at  
> squeak.org about?
> Is it an alias for 3.8.21beta?

This is the images/changes at version 3.10-2-7179, bundled with a  
current macintosh VM, you would need to check to see
if it is the most current, from time to time after making fixes &  
enhancements, and based on early user feedback I ask the
image/changes folks to rebuild the current squeak macintosh zip  
file.   You do need to check to see if you run the most current.

Or use the sparkle interface to ensure your users get the proper VM  
and support files.

>  And I have one not-so-off-topic question: Why are the VM version
> numbers/schemes allowed to diverge like this across platforms?  
> Particularly for
> users who want assurances that SmallTalk code will execute  
> identically across
> platforms, this is confusing and not reassuring.
>  Thanks again for all insights.
>       -- Ed

The VM source tree is different from the smalltalk image/changes base.
The VM source tree has different platforms  (oh say linux, macintosh,  
& windows) let's exclude (risc, hydra, & iPhone for now).

So you have the three flavours of the VM changing to a particular  
version number logic set by the maintainers, and you have the image/ 
changes changing to
another version number schema, all quite independently for the most  


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