[Vm-dev] Unix VM listen behavior?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Jan 14 06:38:23 UTC 2009

Hi Folks -

I have a quick question about the expected behavior of the Unix VM when 
running on a machine with multiple IP addresses. We have a box with two 
interfaces (eth0 and eth1 respectively) and only eth0 was originally 
enabled. Listening without specifying an interface worked fine for 
clients connecting to the (static) IP configured for eth0.

Then, we enabled eth1 and gave it its own (static) IP address. We had 
two images running, one without specifying the interface, one specifying 
the IP for eth1 (both images had been restarted after the change was 
made). The result was that clients could connect to the image running on 
eth1 but not to the one running on eth0. Only when we changed that image 
to use the explicit IP address configured for eth0 everything worked as 
expected (i.e., clients could connect to either IP address).

Question: Is this the expected behavior? I'm not sure if not specifying 
the interface implies that the VM accepts connections on all interfaces, 
or only the first one, the last one, a random one or not at all. Any 
insights are greatly appreciated - we have a working setup but it would 
be nice to know whether this is what we should expect to see or not.

   - Andreas

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