[Vm-dev] Debugging VM

pascal.vollmer at nexgo.de pascal.vollmer at nexgo.de
Mon Jun 15 23:22:00 UTC 2009


I cross-debug the activities of a Unix-VM running on a PowerPC/Linux embedded system.

1. Via gdbserver/gdb I am able to see that main() is executed up to the point where the interpreter is called
2. I can also set a breakpoint at the switch(currentBytecode) of the interpreter and break there once
3. After continuing I do not come back to this breakpoint a second time
4. I can interrupt execution with Ctrl-C (SIGINT) and tell gdb: call printAllStacks(). This yields what is shown at the end of the mail
5. I use Cuis1.0-0204 which fits nicely in my 16MB flash memory. I modified it so that an early alife-message is sent to stderr. This is done when executing the class method startUp of the Delay class. This works well on my intel/Linux desktop system. But I do not get there on my PowerPC/Linux embedded system.
6. I use Bert Freudenbergs changesets to print SqueakDebug.log on stderr. They work well on intel/Linux but on the embedded system I apparently do not get a MNU.

What possibilities do I have to get further diagnosis?

A last question: There is a document "porting1.pdf" written by Ian Piumarta which might be helpful. Does anybody know where I can download a readable copy?

Kind regards


816700312 MethodContext>tempAt:put: 
816700220 BlockContext>ensure: 
816699724 Semaphore>critical: 
816699632 SharedQueue>nextOrNilSuchThat: 
816699540 EventSensor>primKbdPeek 
816699448 InputSensor>keyboardPressed 
816556468 Object>primitiveError: 
816550660 [] in Debugger class>openOn:context:label:contents:fullView: 
816555956 BlockContext>valueWithPossibleArgs: 
816556276 [] in ContextPart>handleSignal: 
816555864 BlockContext>ensure: 
816555772 ContextPart>handleSignal: 
816555680 Exception>signal 
816555588 Object>doesNotUnderstand: bitAnd: 
816555496 Color>setRed:green:blue: 
816555324 Color class>r:g:b: 
816555232 Color class>r:g:b:alpha: 
816555140 Color>alphaMixed:with: 
816555048 Color>muchLighter 
816554712 [] in Debugger>buttonRowForPreDebugWindow: 
816554620 OrderedCollection>do: 
816554416 Debugger>buttonRowForPreDebugWindow: 
816551096 Debugger>buildMorphicNotifierLabelled:message: 
816551004 Debugger>openNotifierContents:label: 
816550408 [] in Debugger class>openOn:context:label:contents:fullView: 
816550316 BlockContext>on:do: 
816549940 [] in Debugger class>openOn:context:label:contents:fullView: 
816550192 [] in BlockContext>newProcess 

809231112 WeakArray class>finalizationProcess 
809230928 [] in WeakArray class>restartFinalizationProcess 
809231020 [] in BlockContext>newProcess 

809241876 Delay class>handleTimerEvent 
807952212 Delay class>runTimerEventLoop 
807952528 [] in Delay class>startTimerEventLoop 
807952620 [] in BlockContext>newProcess

809227976 SystemDictionary>lowSpaceWatcher 
809228068 [] in SystemDictionary>installLowSpaceWatcher 
809228160 [] in BlockContext>newProcess


Pascal Vollmer
Email: pascal.vollmer at ieee.org

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