[Vm-dev] behavior issues with windows vm?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Jun 19 08:28:40 UTC 2009

John M McIntosh wrote:
> This fails on windows VM
>> StandardFileStream forceNewFileNamed: 'ConflictChecker.log'.
> if you invoke in SystemDictionary>>send: toClassesNamedIn:with:
> at startup time
> but it works on mac/linux
> after all startup runs  then
>> StandardFileStream forceNewFileNamed: 'ConflictChecker.log'.
> works on windows
> why it fails is a bit hard to track since the failure results in a image 
> Ui that does not respond to keyboard, clicks etc.
> No doubt it is because FileDirectory>>startUp has not run  yet.

Right. So why is this a Windows VM issue? Perhaps you should call 
FileDirectory startUp before doing file operations?!

> Of course what I'm tracking is why my WikiServer image does not show the 
> window when you start it.
> Attempting to add the traceing to log file, which then causes the 
> walkback then does show the window.
> I'm sure at some point here I'll get far enough along to see what window 
> specific behaviour is causing failure in the startup: processing.

My suspicion would be that this is because you saved the image on 
Mac/Unix thus the ActiveDirectoryClass is set to UnixFileDir and 
consequently fails on Windows. If you'd save the image on Windows it 
will likely show the same behavior on Mac/Unix. I still fail to see what 
this has to do with the Windows VM - file and directory operations 
*will* fail if unless you call FileDirectory>>startUp.

   - Andreas

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