[Vm-dev] Ctrl-M?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Tue Jun 23 16:34:41 UTC 2009

Michael Rueger wrote:
> Andreas Raab wrote:
>> It is possible that this runs afoul of WM_SYSKEYDOWN handling, see 
>> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms646286(VS.85).aspx I'm not 
>> sure how to fix it but some combo of returning either true or false 
>> from the WndProc or alternatively calling (or not) 
>> DefWindowProc/TranslateAccelerato or somesuch could fix it.
> Right now we are not calling those functions/following the described 
> procedure, right?

I'm not entirely sure what this procedure is describing ;-)

> So my changes at least wouldn't make the VM less conforming than it 
> already is ;-) Unless I'm not understanding current code and docs 
> correctly.

Sure. I'm good with it either way - most of this stuff is weird because 
it attempts to translate some combos (ctrl+enter, ctrl-tab) into MDI 
system key combinations (I think this is why it's starts out as 
WM_SYSKEYDOWN in the first place so that an MDI window can capture and 
translate it properly). My preferred way to deal with it would be to 
turn all of the translations off but that's apparently not an option.

   - Andreas

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