[Vm-dev] Adding curlplugin source into the source tree

danil osipchuk danil.osipchuk at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 15:35:37 UTC 2009


In my spare time I'm trying to bring CurlPlugin up to date and to make
it easier to install. There are also several pending feature requests
from users.

CurlPlugin has several dependencies (libssl, ssh etc) and to make a
working infrastructure for it is not very fun (especially when time
has passed since last build).

Could vm-builders please consider to add platform specific files into
the trunk to ease the maintainence of this thing?
 At a moment I have a working setup for windows
(.\platforms\win32\plugins\CurlPlugin ) which I can email right now
and I also plan to add linux setup. I've noticed that John has already
added necessary files into the tree for mac os.

regards, Danil

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