[Vm-dev] New Window VM (Closures, FT2Plugin, Large Cursors)

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sat Mar 7 09:09:03 UTC 2009

On 07.03.2009, at 08:38, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Folks -
> Since I was in VM building mode today I figured I might as well make  
> a new Squeak VM. There is some interesting new stuff in it:
> * Closure support. This VM is based on VMMaker-dtl.116 meaning it  
> includes support for the closure bytecodes. I have verified it by  
> both running a Qwaq image on this VM and and a converted closure  
> image on our Stack VM (this is useful since the Stack VM will die a  
> horrible death something goes wrong in the process). It worked fine  
> both ways which means that I no longer need to switch VMs (yay! ;-)

John bumped the Mac VM's major version to 4 to signify closure  
support. Maybe the other platforms should follow suit?

> * Experimental large cursor support. Try the following for fun (but  
> don't do it in an image you care about):
> 	cursor := Cursor extent: 128 at 128 depth: 32.
> 	cursor offset: -64 at -64.
> 	cursor getCanvas
> 		fillOval: cursor boundingBox color: (Color white alpha: 0.1);
> 		frameOval: cursor boundingBox width: 4 color: Color red;
> 		line: 62 at 64 to: 66 at 64 width: 1 color: Color blue;
> 		line: 64 at 62 to: 64 at 66 width: 1 color: Color blue.
> 	Cursor classPool at: #NormalCursor put: cursor.
> This changes your normal cursor to be a 128x128 pixels large,  
> translucent cursor.

Nice. Looks like it's time to add the image support? These changesets  
add a CursorWithAlpha that can be used for nice large colorful  
cursors. It has a "fallback" cursor used on VMs that do not support  
the new cursors yet.


- Bert -

> * FT2Plugin. The build includes an external FT2Plugin that has no  
> dependencies on extra DLLs.
> The downloads are in the usual places:
> http://squeakvm.org/win32/release/SqueakVM-Win32-3.11.1-bin.zip
> http://squeakvm.org/win32/release/SqueakVM-Win32-3.11.1-src.zip
> A closure image (for those interested):
> http://squeakvm.org/win32/release/Squeak-3.10.2-Closures.zip
> Note that I consider this an "alpha" version since there is a goodly  
> bit of new and untested stuff in it. I'm in particular interested in  
> finding people to test large cursor support and the FT2Plugin.
> Feedback is highly welcome.
> Cheers,
>  - Andreas

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