[Vm-dev] Various Mantis VM issues closed

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun Mar 8 14:41:02 UTC 2009

I have closed a number of Mantis issues in the "VM" and "Squeak 64 bit"
categories. These are issues that have been addressed in the VMMaker project
on SqueakSource as of VMMaker-dtl.116. They include various changes that
have not been reviewed by people other than the author (e.g changes
to slang inlining), but in the interest of housekeeping I thought it best
to mark them closed at this point.

I've tried (not always successfully) to keep change sets on Mantis corresponding
to the Monticello updates on SqueakSource, as well as version comments in
the SqueakSource update to point to the Mantis issues. Doing a Monticello
history on VMMaker-dtl.116 will identify most of the corresponding Mantis
issues and change sets. Searching for closed Mantis VM issues may find a
couple that I failed to identify in the Monticello comments.

There are still plenty of open Mantis issues in the VM category, but with
respect to VMMaker I consider the following two open Mantis issues to be
most significant:
   6987: signed32BitValueOf:, signed64BitValueOf: etc. broken
   5238: Integer bug on 64bit image/32bit VM, DateAndTime now ==> -4391-12-26T16:18:33+00:00


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