[Vm-dev] LoadLibrary problem on Vista?

Aran Lunzer aran at meme.hokudai.ac.jp
Mon Mar 30 07:26:17 UTC 2009


I'm having an *intermittent* problem on Vista (not seen on XP - so far)
when trying to load an external plugin.  Right now I'm seeing it with
ProcessWrapperPlugin.dll; for the past two weeks - apparently out of the
blue - I've been seeing what looks like the same problem when accessing
user32.dll after loading other (.NET bridge) libraries.

This is on a 3.7-based customised Internet Explorer plugin VM, which had
been working 99% reliably on both XP and Vista for the past 6 months or

Switching on the VM's debugging, I see that when LoadLibrary fails it does
so with error 998 ("invalid access to memory location").

Once the problem starts it seems to persist, until the system is rebooted.
 After reboot it typically works ok for a while.

If the problem I'm seeing here is indeed the same as the one with
user32.dll (I haven't been able to confirm that yet), it would suggest
that the loading of an earlier DLL is causing later ones to fail with 998.

Is anyone else seeing this kind of problem, on Vista or elsewhere?

Many thanks -


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