[Vm-dev] Fwd: [Pharo-project] New Pharo based on core 10309 with antialiased fonts

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu May 21 02:19:17 UTC 2009

Juan Vuletich wrote:
> Well, not all these circumstances, but all those with black text. You 
> can see in the latest Cuis that rgbMul is enough for correct subpixel 
> rendering of black text over any background. And yes, black on black 
> shows all black. In fact, rgbMul is the same formula than rule 41 if 
> text color is black (0;0;0).

Yeah, that's kind of what I thought.

> In Cuis I disable subpixel rendering for colored text. I found that for 
> colored text, the difference between doing or not subpixel rendering is 
> much less visible.

Personally, I find there is very little difference between subpixel AA 
or not even with black text. What *really* makes the difference for font 
rendering is grid-fitting; which is why both native fonts (TTF hinting) 
as well as Freetype (excellent auto-hinter) look much better than Squeak 
fonts by default.

   - Andreas

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