[Vm-dev] Resources directory in SecurityPlugin

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue May 26 22:38:51 UTC 2009

When running Etoys inside a web browser, the file sandbox is  
preventing access to all files outside the "Etoys" working directory  
(a.k.a. "untrusted user directory"). That means we cannot open help  
guides or switch languages or access examples or the sources file etc.

Proposed solution: In the SecurityPlugin, allow read-only file to a  
"resource" directory (in addition to read-write access to the  
"untrusted user directory"). The default for this resource directory  
would be the image directory.

I did it for Unix, you can find a diff attached to the Etoys ticket:


Basically, the writeFlag is now passed down to isAccessiblePathName(),  
and in case it's read-only, it allows access to the resource dir  
(which is configurable but defaulting to the image path).

Any chance to get the same behavior implemented on Mac and Win VMs,  
too? Thanks :)

- Bert -

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