[Vm-dev] Can't compile squeak under 64bit linux

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Oct 15 08:35:34 UTC 2009

On 15.10.2009, at 01:52, Patricio Palladino wrote:

> Hi everybody!, I'm trying to compile squeak under 64bit linux  
> (archlinux) and get some errors. Can anybody help me please?
> I'm using this files http://squeakvm.org/squeak64/dist3/Squeak-3.8a-2.src.tar.gz 
>  and http://squeakvm.org/squeak64/dist3/Squeak64-3.8g-6548.image.tar.gz

These are the wrong files. The regular VM compiles fine on 64 bits:


"squeak64" is the experimental 64 bit *image* support, which is  
incompatible with all the Squeak images:


Ian, can we change the squeak64 page again? The FAQ link is too subtle  

E.g. change title to "Squeak 64-bit image support (experimental)" and  
add a warning on the top a la "<b>WARNING</b> If you merely want to  
compile a Squeak VM for a 64 bit machine, you are on the <b>wrong</b>  
page! Please use the <a href="/unix">regular VM</a> instead, which was  
made 64 bit clean in the mean time. Try the FAQ ..."

- Bert -

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