[Vm-dev] About Unit tests

Andrey Larionov anlarionov at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 17:13:34 UTC 2009

Also as i understand, BitBlt realised only for Linux. Is it true? In
Windows used GDI BitBlt?

On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 20:43, Andrey Larionov<anlarionov at gmail.com> wrote:
> As i understand, NuBlt shoud produce analogous results as BitBlt, so
> it will be realy simple to test new plugin for conformance with
> another. But...
> Maybe we should test produced C code? Write tests in Slang and then if
> any tests generated, run it before final assembly procedure during
> make?
> On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 20:33, David T. Lewis<lewis at mail.msen.com> wrote:
>> On Sat, Sep 05, 2009 at 08:06:59PM +0400, Andrey Larionov wrote:
>>> I found information about uncomplete NuBlt plugin. I have an idea try
>>> to complete work.
>>> Even plugins write in Slang it strange what there are no unit tests
>>> for them. Unit tests allows some users to contribute without fair to
>>> broke something
>>> Is Slang code can be simple eveluated or it need simulation to run tests?
>> Some plugins have unit tests, and many do not. If NuBlt does not have
>> tests, it would definitely be a good idea to write some.
>> Slang code can be directly evaluated as Smalltalk, but this is not
>> always useful because you need to really deal with the code as it
>> is translated to C (SlangBrowser may help you here, see
>> http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/5916).
>> When writing unit tests for a plugin, it is common to write tests that
>> call the primitive in the plugin, and test for the expected result.
>> Also, if your method that calls the primitive is going to use fallback
>> code so it works when the primitive fails, you can write tests to
>> verify that the primitive produces results identical to the Smalltalk
>> fallback code.
>> Dave

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