[Vm-dev] ScratchPlugin

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Sep 15 09:16:37 UTC 2009

I sent another mail to John.

- Bert -

On 15.09.2009, at 03:57, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Andreas Raab wrote:
>> +1. Are you going to check in the support code as well?
> Uh, ah. I take that +1 back. I thought you were saying that the  
> source code is released under "MIT-License" (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php 
> ) not "released BY the MIT Lifelong Kindergarten group under the  
> Scratch Source Code License". The license is pretty problematic from  
> my point of view.
> I am specifically not okay with:
> * The idea of now and forever preventing anyone to use the name  
> "Scratch" for software that utilizes the Squeak VM (in fact, it  
> would literally prevent MIT using the stock Squeak VM for Scratch).
> * To place trademark restrictions into a software license (the usage  
> of logos and trademarks should not be part of a source code license;  
> there are other means of protecting those).
> * Now and forever make it impossible for any Squeak-based products  
> to upload anything to MIT servers (the term is written so broadly  
> that even a webserver would fall under this if it implemented a file  
> upload provision that one could use to "allow uploading Scratch  
> projects to any MIT Scratch website").
> * Requiring the source code for any derivative work to be made  
> available (making the license viral).
> This doesn't work for me at all. Could you ask John to release the  
> plugin and support code as plain old MIT license as found on http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php 
>  instead?
> Cheers,
>  - Andreas
>> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> is it okay if I add the ScratchPlugin to VMMaker? We are including  
>>> it in Etoys and it makes it simpler for John Maloney if was  
>>> maintained in the official VM. We got explicit permission for that  
>>> (even though it's MIT it doesn't hurt to ask), see forwarded  
>>> message below.
>>> John is working on the 1.4 version as he wrote below, but the  
>>> previous one would suit us fine for now, current source is here:
>>> http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Source_Code
>>> - Bert -
>>> Begin forwarded message:
>>>> From: John Maloney <jmaloney at media.mit.edu>
>>>> Date: 10. September 2009 13:12:00 MESZ
>>>> To: Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>
>>>> Cc: "Software Squeakland.org" <software at squeakland.org>
>>>> Subject: [sq-software] Re: ScratchPlugin
>>>> Hi, Bert.
>>>> Re: we're about to include the ScratchPlugin with Etoys
>>>> Great!
>>>> Re:
>>>>> Mostly for the incredibly useful openURL prim ;) but secondly  
>>>>> for access to the ScratchBoard etc., Korakurider already made an  
>>>>> Etoys interface for it (though this won't make it in this  
>>>>> release). Now the question is if we need to include the "Scratch  
>>>>> Source Code License" file with the Etoys release. My reading of  
>>>>> it is that we don't. Also we both agreed that having the plugin  
>>>>> be part of the Squeak VM proper would make things quite a bit  
>>>>> easier, and you certainly would not require the license to be  
>>>>> bundled with the VM in that case, right?
>>>> Mitchel has given permission for you to bundle the ScratchPlugin  
>>>> code with the Squeak VM. (You can keep this email as proof!) You  
>>>> don't need to include the Scratch source license.
>>>> It's also fine to include the include the ScratchPlugin accessor  
>>>> methods (and the entire class). Giving credit in a class comment  
>>>> is fine.
>>>> Two questions:
>>>> (a) Are you interested in including the Scratch Unicode plugin as  
>>>> well?
>>>> (b) Should I send you the latest C code for the Scratch Plugin?
>>>> Actually, I'm working to bundle up the Scratch 1.4 source code  
>>>> release, so I'll be putting a zip file of the latest C code  
>>>> online in the next week or so. But I can send you a copy sooner  
>>>> if you need it.
>>>>    -- John

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